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House of SheldonHall are Steven Sheldon and Emma Hall

House of SheldonHall combines experimental textiles application and innovative pattern cutting techniques to produce fashion unlike any other, European chic with the solid foundation of unmistakeable British eccentricity.


100% unique and individually designed and made in Yorkshire, House of SheldonHall’s target market are women brave enough to live out their fantasy’s through fashion.


The process begins with research, discussion and drawing before being three dimensionally interpreted on dummies. Hand painted and embroidered textiles individually created for each piece is carefully positioned and rendered to produce the signature House of SheldonHall look.


Pieces requested by the likes of British Vogue, Tatler, Lady Gaga and more recently Drag Race Royalty 'Valentia' , the design duo have proven a genuine demand for their style. In 2018 they revelled in their first red carpet event at the Brit Awards.


Their latest collection revealed to the world on line in February 2019 was blessed as ‘British design at its best’. It was received with high praise and overwhelming approval from an ever-growing fan base.


HOSH look forward to raising their profile and continue to evolve in the competitive world of Fashion, offering a truly authentic design experience and undeniable potential in women’s wear.